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Collaboratory for Atlasing Cell Type Anatomy in the Female and Male Mouse Brain

This project proposes to establish an Anatomical Collaboratory for Systematic Atlasing of Cell-Type Distribution and Morphology in female and male brain. This Collaboratory will apply standardized, unbiased and largely automated methods developed in the group’s laboratories to atlas the distribution and morphology of >80 molecularly defined cell classes and cell type across all regions of the female and male brain. This work will yield the most comprehensive characterization of cell type anatomy in the mammalian brain to date, establishing a structural basis for building an integrated Cell Type Brain Atlas.  

Project Leadership

Dr. Pavel Osten (Principal Investigator) 
Associate Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 


Dr. Sebastian Seung (Co-Principal Investigator) 
Evnin Professor in Neuroscience; Professor of Computer Science and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute; Princeton University 


Dr. Uygar Sumbul (Co-Principal Investigator) 
Assistant Investigator, Allen Institute for Brain Science 


Dr. Zhuhao Wu (Co-Principal Investigator) 
Postdoctoral Associate, Rockefeller University 

Project Data Types

  • 1000 STPT brains to study distribution of cell types. Quantify and atlas the brain wide distribution of molecularly defined cell types. This work will generate a quantitative brain atlas of the distributions of molecularly defined cell classes and cell types within the Common Coordinated Framework (CCF) of the adult brain. 
  • 150 whole brain datasets of with neuronal structure of >80 cell types. Quantify and atlas the brainwide morphologies of molecularly defined cell types. This aim will generate a comprehensive structural brain atlas of somatodendritic cell-type morphologies across all CCF anatomical areas 

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